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Privacy Policy
#LoretoIdeal is a citizen initiative promoted by representatives of the economic, educational and civil society sectors of Loreto. The purpose of the website loretoideal.org is to inform the content of the citizens initiative to influence its participation in the creation of a citizen council, autonomous and free, representative of Loreto citizenship that provides long-term follow-up of the established topics in the agenda that was elaborated in previous meetings with the diverse representative sectors of Loreto. User: The term user will be used to refer to all natural persons who interact through the domain loretoideal.org. Every user from the moment they access to the portal, expressly authorizes the use of the information provided. Use of the portal: The user undertakes to refrain from using the portal and the materials available for illicit purposes or effects, contrary to the initiative, damaging rights , interests and private life of third parties or that in any way may damage, disable, overburden or deteriorate the portal loretoideal.org. Type of information obtained: The different categories of data through which information is collected in the LoretoIdeal.org portal are Subscription on the site where the name and email data are requested; Signature of any of the modalities of the commitment letter, where your names and signature are requested. Use of the information obtained:  The information provided by the user through the portal loretoideal.org or any of its subdomains is for the following purposes Sending news and information; Invitation to events to present studies, conferences or press conferences; Measure the use and improve the content of the website; Obtain information for statistical purposes of consultation; Integration to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Modifications to the privacy policy: The #LoretoIdeal initiative reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy prior announcement on the portal loretoideal.org or a message via email. The user may periodically visit the site in order to verify the current version of this Privacy Policy. Contact: The contact for any questions or clarification regarding the information available on the portal loretoideal.org is through electronic mail to the following electronic address info@loretoideal.org, or via instant message on our facebook page @loretoideal. The content of this Privacy Notice is governed by current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties