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    #LoretoIdeal, a local initiative that seeks to address, among all Loretanos, the priority challenges of our Community

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    What is your ideal Loreto?

    This is how the conversation began, in a series of focus group meetings held with the most representative civil society organizations in Loreto; as part of a joint effort that Eco-Alianza de Loreto, CCC, FUNDAR and ALCOSTA have facilitated; and from which were set the following Goals:


    Goal #1

    To establish a consensual agenda with Loreto's main and priority challenges to be resolved, which are broadly linked to local legal instruments* that incorporate advisory boards and committees for citizen participation, but which until now have not been implemented adequately.

    * Programs and plans such as the the Local Ecological Planning Ordinance (POEL), Loreto's Urban Development Plan (PSDURL) and Solid Waste Management Program (PMPGIRSL);

    Goal #2

    To form a broad civil society group, involving representative stakeholders of all sectors of Loreto, in a shared leadership and joint effort of citizens, organizations and local government, to address Loreto's challenges that impact the wellbeing of its inhabitants and the natural environment.

    Goal #3

    Discuss and work the consensual agenda in the way of deliberative forums, with an adequate structure and organization that promotes a constructive, active and inclusive participation of citizens with the local government; giving continuity, transparency and democracy to the effective follow-up of the Agenda.

    First Great Impact Expected

    The conformation of a Citizen Advisory Board, autonomous, free and representative of Loreto's citizenship, recognized and accepted by the local government where we citizens can and should contribute to the solution of the great challenges of a #LoretoIdeal.

  • A consensual Agenda for an Ideal Loreto

    To reach the consensus of an inclusive agenda of truly priority challenges to be addressed, circles of dialogue and interviews were held, with people and opinion leaders, from the different sectors of Loreto: institutions, developers, service providers, and organizations of the civil society; all of the above, around three themes related to management instruments of Loreto such as the Ecological Management Plan (POEL), the Sub Regional Urban Development Plan (PSDU) and the Solid Waste Management Program:


    About the Three Main Themes of the Agenda

    First Theme: Water and Soil Management

    CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS: Solid Waste Management, Residual and Drinking Water

    • Need for an intersectoral strengthening for a integral solid waste management.
    • Necessary control of the processes of the final disposal of waste in the open dump, with the generation of transfer stations with appropriate waste separation processes before reaching the final disposal sites and the establishment of an adequate sanitary landfill.
    • Planning and maintenance of drinking water supply and drainage pipelines, foreseeing urban expansion, based on population densities and on more recent studies, that need to be carried out by researchers and experts. Establish incentives and sanctions for responsible water use. Need to form the Groundwater Technical Committee (COTAS) and Clean Beaches Committee.

    Second Theme: Urban Development

    CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS: Growth and Control of Urban Development

    • Effective sanction to the violations of the current Urban Plan ordinance.
    • Surveillance and monitoring of urban development to avoid damage to the environment. Urgent need for a Municipal Institute of Urban Planning
    • Promoting equitable development (preventing Loreto´s development concentrated in the coastal area) and in accordance with a territorial planning.
    • Planning and ordering of urban growth given the potential of Loreto as a tourist destination. The monitoring, evaluation and updating of the PSDU is needed.

    Third Theme: Sustainable Local Development

    CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS: Redirect the Focus to a Local Tourist Vocation

    • A current policy that still is based on luxury tourism developments, which may be socially exclusive and which are characterized by the excessive use of natural resources and coastal territory.
    • The development of real estate resorts limits access to the common space.
    • A federal policy that encourages through concessions the establishment of mining activity, contrary to the natural tourist vocation of Loreto, and which endangers water resource. An Ecologic Management Plan (POEL) without an environmental record log and an inactive committee.
    • The need to identify social priorities and not only those of a single economic sector such as the Mining, with a local government that promotes authentic sustainable development, for the benefit of the entire Loreto population.

    The Five Strategies of a Consensual Agenda

    Against the deep problems identified in the focus group meetings, supported by data and information that the participants found from different sources (personal and scientific testimonies, legal and statistical elements, etc.); The #LoretoIdeal initiative responds to the will of the citizens of Loreto, to learn more about the use made of the public resources, as well as to participate more in decision-making processes. The initiative addresses the need to have a coordinated agenda to advance in the construction of an ideal Loreto, based on the following five strategies for an Ideal Loreto that is:


    Clean, Sustainable, Quiet, Safe, Transparent and Participatory.


  • #LoretoIdeal Affiliate Members

    #LoretoIdeal is a citizen initiative, driven by a broad group of local organizations of Loreto civil society; integrated by representatives of the economic, academic and social sectors. Committed to a shared leadership and joint effort of citizens, organizations and local government to address the great challenges that Loreto faces nowadays, and which impact the well-being of its inhabitants and its natural resources.


    #LoretoIdeal was initially proposed and facilitated by Eco-Alianza of Loreto since the initiative is linked to its strategic planning for the Conservation of the Watersheds and Water reservoirs of Loreto.



    (Local Chamber of Commerce, Loreto's Restaurants and Bars Assoc., Loreto's Hotel Assoc., The Network of Environmental Educators of Loreto, Autonomous University of Baja California Sur Campus Loreto, Living Roots A.C., Architects of B.C.S. Assoc. Chapter Loreto, Civil Engineers Assoc. Chapter Loreto, Grupo Madrugadores de Loreto A.C., Physicians Assoc. of B.C.S. Chapter Loreto, Onco Loreto A.C., Loreto Art School, Isla Verde Group, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental NW office and Eco-Alianza de Loreto A.C.)

  • Join to this Effort Today!


    • Contribute and participate through your affiliated organization to #LoretoIdeal in the upcoming dialogue forums.
    • Add your organization or group to the initiative, ask your leader to sign the commitment agreement, to be proposed as an affiliate member.
    • If you are a citizen and you are not part of any local organization, you can still participate, sign your citizen commitment and start working on the impact actions of the 5 strategies of the agenda.
    • If you are a candidate running for politic office, commit yourself to the fact that once elected, you will participate in the forums and follow up on the agreements generated between citizens and governors, and that you will have the political will to reactivate and include autonomous citizen participation, to the different advisory boards and public committees that the laws grant us; and by which we can reach solutions sooner.


  • Commit yourself to achieve a #LoretoIdeal

    By signing the letter of commitment in any of its modalities you agree to work on specific actions in the form of 13 minimum commitments, that directly impact the five strategies of the #LoretoIdeal agenda, which are described below:

    Modalities to commit to #LoretoIdeal

    The basis of this campaign is the signing of the Commitment Letter

    Citizens, Foreign Residents and Visitors may be involved in the following ways:

    • With your Signature: The signature on the letter is sufficient to demonstrate a commitment to the building of #LoretoIdeal. In this modality, the signer will allow their data to appear on the website as a committed citizen without major effects or responsibilities.
    • Your Signature + Become a Citizen Monitor: In this modality, the signatories assume the responsibility of generating, to the extent of their possibilities, contents that reflect the follow-up to the 13 impact commitments of the letter. For example, citizen monitors can take photos that show specific problems of poor waste management and report them as actions that go against a #LoretoIdeal. In the same way, they can upload photos of their work to their social media networks in actions that pay positively in any of the axis of the initiative. Your materials will be disseminated in the social networks of the initiative and will expose and monitor your complaint and/or work.

    Those citizens holding positions of a popular election, may be involved under the following modalities:

    • Signing with proposal: From the launch of the campaign, a formal invitation will be made to the candidates for popular election posts to join #LoretoIdeal, for which, in addition to signing the agreement, they should share with the initiative what the proposals of their platform are for work in the different strategies of the agenda.
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    On June 19, Loreto had its first taste of a long-term campaign to promote truly participative democracy in the municipality, involving citizens, businesses/organizations, and government. The #LoretoIdeal collaboration already has 14 local and regional groups formally committed – with...